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Funny visit to the vet.

I decided back in May of 2019 that I am finally going to write my book about the joys of being a receptionist. With over 25 years experience I figure I have a few to put down on paper and in a book. This one, however, is about me calling a receptionist at a veterinary clinic and trying to keep a straight face. But before I get into how the phone call went, here is …

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Sunday is the best day!

Whenever we want to start something new, we always say, I’ll start tomorrow, or I’ll do it such and such a date and we never seem too. That’s why Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It’s a chance to start all over again any way you want. I use Sunday’s as my rest and relax day. For exercise, I’ll go for a walk a couple times a day or hit a relaxing yoga …

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What is an OTTB? Possibly your new BFF!

OTTB Mare Barrel Racing. Shelbie Sibbald of SMS Performance Horses If you’re a horse person or just love to look at them and bask in their beauty, then you have probably seen the term OTTB and have wondered what it means. I myself have wondered what the big deal is behind owning an OTTB, so I found out. OTTB stands for Off Track Thoroughbred. Meaning, they have done their time on the track and now …

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