About last week

Forget talking about last night, this is about last week being absolutely brutal for my weight loss goals. It was also that time of the month which didn’t help matters at all. But today, Sunday Nov 4, 2018 I have zero motivation. Honestly, it’s noon and I’m still in my pj’s. Last week, I royally spiked on my carb and junk intake and I have no idea why. But it seems to all be dumping on me today which sucks. Not to mention the weather in Edmonton, Alberta totally blows right now too. Snow storm, freezing rain and cold temperatures. Yep will be a fun drive to work tomorrow let alone anywhere else. My motivation built up enough to get a few things organized and cleaned up. But still in my pj’s. Dates are starting to book up for 2019 for my house sitting business. Really should drive over to Staples and grab a 2019 Daytimer refill, but yea no desire to do that either. Ha ha, yes you read that right, I said Daytimer. I would be more lost without it then my cell phone. Shocking right? But with business the way it is, I have to write it down and see it. Plus, I love scratching things out when their done. Feels like more of an accomplishment then just simply deleting it.

But I’m going to conclude my rant today about last week. Because time is to precious to waste on complaining about things we can change. 

Have a great Sunday afternoon!