Been awhile since I’ve been in the gym for a class…

This morning I went to have my follow up with my nutritionist Clint Cupido of Synchronized Nutrition and Training here in Edmonton He said they have a drop-in class and I thought, well why not stay for it. Haven’t been to a class in years. It was so worth staying for! I could still feel like a slight shake throughout my body for a good hour afterwards.

Now being that I am still 219 pounds and still need to get into way better shape, I was able to modify all the moves we did. So, if going to a class at your local gym scares you, here are some tips to get you through it;

1. Make sure you have a water bottle and small towel.
2. Wear comfortable clothing. I chose capri's and a tank top. I would have died if I had been in leggings.
3. Go at your pace. You are not in a race with anyone but yourself.
So here is some of the workout we did and how I modified each move and survived my first workout class in probably 5 years or more.

Burpees: Probably the most hated exercise. The in-shape version;
Place hands on the ground, shoulder width apart.
Jump to push-up position.
Lower chest and thighs to the ground.
Jump feet up to hands.
Jump vertically with full hip and knee extension.
Extend arms overhead during the jump.

Burpees: How I did them;
There was like this box thing, flipped it on it’s side. Instead of going to the ground with my hands, I just put them on the box.  Then proceeded with the rest of the move as usual.

Kettle Bell Swings: In shape person: Could swing probably 20 plus pounds.
Kettle Bell Swings: I was holding a 10-pound kettle bell.

Box Jumps: In shape person: Jump from the ground and land on the box which is about 2 feet tall.
Box Jumps: I would step up and off. So, I would step up and off with my left leg then right leg, repeat.

Bear Crawls: OMG these are killer! In shape person, went down the hallway no problem.
Bear Crawls: I was literally crawling like a baby lol.

So, it doesn’t matter what you do in a workout class or how you do it. Listen to your body, do what you can! Slow and steady wins the race. Your weight gain didn’t happen over night and neither will your weight loss.

Small changes lead up to big results. Just start and it will happen for you.

To help, here are some video links to the moves listed above;


Kettle Bell Swing:

Box Jumps:

Bear Crawls: