You showed up and you did it.

It doesn't matter the time it took or the distance you went. You showed up and you did it. That's what matters. 

Every time I have tried to lose weight, I fail miserably. I always say this time and it never works out. But I have finally figured out why.

When I tried in the past, I scrutinized everything, drove myself nuts with details and always seemed to think, I should be at the same level as this person or that person. If they can do it why can't I? Finally, this time around I have realized that my only honest competition is myself. Why care about how fast someone else can do a mile or how heavy someone else can lift? I will track my time and distance and my weights. That is all. I have a new meal plan and some new work-outs. I am now on the right track.

Yesterday when I finished my treadmill workout I was very angry with myself for going so slow. I shouldn't have been. A friend of mine reminded me of a good point, doesn't matter how slow or how fast you go, you did it. That's what should matter.

So this morning, that's what I decided to focus on. I showed up, I did it. Here's my record from today Jan 13, 2019:

30 Minutes on the treadmill. 1.50 miles

10,100 steps today which I think is very impressive. 

This week my goal is to get on track with my food intake, thanks to my new eating plan and to get on the treadmill at least 4 times in the morning for 30 minutes at a time. I will let you know next Sunday how this week went.

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