Breaking Down Fears

Fear is only a feeling. Don’t let it control you.

When I met Des Sieben, I never liked yoga, let alone going to the gym. Yoga and working out have been a huge help in my riding and weight loss. I honestly didn’t think they would. But when it’s based on being equeestrian it makes more sense to me to do it.

Today in my lesson, the horse I was riding wasn’t moving off my leg and being out of shape, it didn’t take long for my legs to tire. So, Ashley Michelle Rose, my riding coach, went and grabbed my spurs. I’ve never been properly shown or taught how to ride a horse with spurs and suddenly went into fear mode. I even asked her to take them off. She responded with why? I said because I don’t know how. She responded with, if I take them off, what am I teaching you? I’m going to leave them on and I’m going to guide you to ride with spurs. I nailed it and what makes this so cool is that it felt like a big weight off my shoulders and it shouldn’t.

But no one has ever taken the time to show me and help me overcome this fear. I now feel that I can ride with spurs because someone took the time to show me what to do.

Once we were warmed up and ready to canter, which is faster then a trot on a horse, I once again became fearful. Weight has been an issue for awhile for me and I was fearful about cantering because of possible unnecessary pain I was causing my horse due to me being lazy and overweight. Once again, Ashley reassured me of this fear as well. She told me who had trained the horse I was riding and I figured well if he can canter her, then so can I.

So to help me over come this fear as well, she made me canter and recorded it, told me how to sit and just ride the horse. We did a couple circles and then I stopped to watch the video. I almost started to cry because I was riding this horse exactly the way I was suppose to be. The video also made me want to work harder at my weight loss goal because I just know, the more weight I lose, the better equestrian I’m going to become.

When you are looking for a coach, trainer or mentor, find that one that will inspire you and motivate you. Not one that just stands on the sidelines and yells out instructions. You need more then that and you deserve more then that. Having the right people in your corner will break down a lot of fears. Des Sieben and Ashley Rose, I can’t thank you enough for your help.