December 1, 2018

When it was 2017, I kept saying that 2018 was going to be my year and it has been. But I honestly can’t wait for 2019! Fancy, is my 7 year old mare who is going back into training today for a month and I will be getting back into lessons in January with her, so I know that in 2019 we will finally be the team I’ve always dreamed about us being. 

Also in 2019, my health and fitness is going to go on an extreme makeover. I plan to join the gym in February, because January is so cold in Edmonton, Alberta that I don’t see the point of warming up my truck, driving to the gym for an hour and repeating the process to go home. I have a treadmill and some free weights I plan to use in the mean time and thanks to Pinterest I have more then enough ideas for Treadmill and Body Weight Workouts to give me a head start. 

But instead of waiting for the New Year and those pointless New Year’s Resolutions that no one ever seems to stick too. I encourage you to start now. Stop with the excuses of the holidays and being busy and family and the like. You know you have half an hour somewhere in your day to exercise. For example binge watching Christmas Movies on Netflix. Stick a tv in front of your treadmill and watch them there or on an ipad, heck even your phone. 

Go into the New Year Healthier, Stronger and no more execuses. 2019 will be your year to turn focus back on you instead of everyone else all the time.