Finally realizing I need to do something……

October 28, 2019, I turned 44. Even before then, I decided, I must get serious about my health. Believe it or not, I’ve had nightmares about falling in a Showmanship class because I’m out of breath and overweight and can’t keep up with my horse. So, as their trying to pick me up off the ground, covered in dirt and my face covered in mud because I’m crying, and my tears are mixing with the dirt. “I’m so fat and out of shape, I need to change this” is what I’m saying as their helping me up.

So of course, after this nightmare, I immediately hunted down my doctor’s information and made an appointment. Well because of my height and current weight, I am considered obese. Can you say wake up call? If that doesn’t do it, the fact that most of my clothes that fit 6 months ago no longer do should also be an indication that something needs to be done.

On November 25, I am attending a weight loss workshop in order to have an appointment with a registered dietitian. So, until then, I’m going to start tracking what I eat. Bluntly honest what I’m eating. Because in my head, I can’t eat carbs, but maybe I need them. Snacking I’ve cut back on lots of junk food. Like I’m surprised at how much. I baked some mini cakes to try out a new recipe. This will shock you, but I only ate half of the one and threw the other one out. I can’t do it. Even the icing, is way too rich. Note to self, stick to my own recipes.

Also, starting to finally do the pile of workouts that I found on Pinterest that I can do at home, no weights or anything required and guess what! My Fitbit tracks it! I didn’t think it would because of their low impact and not much cardio. I always thought that for a Fitbit to track your cardio, your only option was to be walking at a brisk pace or jogging/running.

So just remember, you can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

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