Fluffy To Fit Equestrian Blog

I decided instead of making typical New Year’s Resolutions, that my start date towards a healthier lifestyle and weight loss is October 1, 2018. I have been struggling for the past 3 years with weight loss and being healthier and stronger.  On September 20 when I had a lesson with my trainer Ashley Rose of RR Rafter Performance Horses. All the bells, whistles and alarms were going off so loud it was almost deafening. Let me tell you! Rolls are not sexy on the back of a horse! At ALL! I decided right then and there that I have to lose weight, I must lose weight. So I’ve decided to change this website back to Fluffy Equestrian to encourage and help others with their weight loss journey. I’m no doctor or expert but I hope that what I post will help others.

Being an equestrian, people always think that riding and caring for horses isn’t considered exercise. Tell that to my thighs after a lesson and also my body after cleaning 10 plus stalls for a day. Seriously, if you wonder how your barn manager stays so slim or how others are so sleek looking on their horse, ask them how they do it.

I created this Facebook page for support for other equestrians who want to share their stories and struggles and look for tips from others. You don’t need to be an equestrian to join this group. It’s just a group I created when I decided that I needed to get it out there that I’m struggling.


Seriously want a good laugh? Go to your local gym and ask them to set you up on a workout program for equestrians. I can almost guarantee you’ll get a look as if to say your nuts. Trainers in gyms, unless their athlete based, won’t have a clue how to train you to help you in the saddle. Don’t get me wrong, all exercise and cardio is helpful, I however don’t see the point unless it will help me in the saddle. So thankful I was able to find Des Sieben of ManeEquestrian Athletics. Not only does she do personal training for Equestrians, she also does Yoga for Equestrians which also helped me get back into yoga.

Again, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or specialist in weight loss. I’m just an equestrian wanting to be a healthier and fitter version of myself and if I can inspire others to do the same. Even better.