How I kept weight at bay during the Holidays.

People always dread and fear the holidays when their on a journey to lose weight and change their lives. Hence why most people have New Year’s resolutions of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. I decided to change my life on October 1, 2018. I weighed 227 pounds and decided right then and there enough was enough! I was done being overweight. This of course was enhanced by seeing myself on the back of my horse. Trust me, rolls are not sexy on the back of a horse.

So of course with starting on Oct 1, I had four major Canadian holidays to get through. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. How was I going to do it? Well like I said a moment ago. This time around I was hell bound and determined to change how I was doing things to lose weight.

Last year, I had signed up with a great personal trainer who also did yoga for equestrians. She was amazing! Des Sieben of Mane Equestrian Athletics out of Sherwood Park, AB. I thought this was great, had all my workouts lined up and was raring to go. But then for some reason, I just stopped. Didn’t see the point and didn’t really care. I wouldn’t be riding anytime soon because my mare was pregnant at the time.

But this year, I wanted to get back into riding and get back into shape. So I signed up for some lessons, found a nutrionist and dug out my workout journal to finally get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle. It was hard at first, don’t get me wrong. But it amazed me how quickly my body responded. Every 3 hours like clock work my stomach would rumble and instead of spending a pile of money at the gym. I got our treadmill cleaned up, invested in some used condition hand weights and exercise ball and pulled the bosu ball out of storage and set up a little workout area in the basement. Why pay for an expensive gym when you have everything at home?

So I know your wondering, how much weight have I lost? Since Oct 1, I’ve lost 17 pounds. My goal is to be down 20 pounds by Dec 31. 3 pounds, Christmas Meal and New Year’s, this could be interesting.

Click here to see what I do. What I do and this is also my Start Page. Start Page Why wait for January 1, 2019 when you can start today?

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