My Home Gym

Last night, I decided that starting December 29, 2018, I’m going to start using the 8 pieces of gym equipment I have at home to help me lose weight. I have other ideas of what I can do with $50 dollars a month. Like buy new clothes when the weight starts to come off. 

I will be documenting everything! And trust me, I mean EVERYTHING! I’m old school and like to write everything down, I feel if I can see what I’m doing on a daily basis, I will know where to tweak and such as needed. It’s also like an accountability thing for me as well. Writing it down proves that I did it. 

I already have my Pinterest Account set up and ready for tons of ideas on what I can do with my equipment. Follow me here I will follow you back. 

I also plan to have printables done up soon and those will be for free if you sign-up for my email list here

I honestly can’t wait for my first weigh in and workout tomorrow! 

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