My Stats

I have always found my best weight loss goals have been achieved when I hold myself accountable to someone or something. I don’t have someone to be accountable to, so this is my something. Blogging, writing, pouring my heart out, whatever you want to call this. I do hope you follow along. I’ve come along way so far since deciding at the end of September 2018 that I am done with being over weight and not healthy. 

So to kick off this page. Here are my weight stats as of November 24, 2018. Very proud of myself for being down 12 pounds to date.

SW: 227 on Sept 27, 2018

CW: 223.8 as of Oct 3, 2018

CW: 218 as of Nov 3, 2018

CW: 215 as of Nov 24, 2018