My Weight Loss Challenge

We have seen them on tv and all over the internet and social media. But have you ever thought to have a weight loss challenge with yourself? I know it sounds odd. But here’s how I’m doing it.

I’ve written up a page of awards. For every 5 pounds lost, I get to buy myself something. For every pound lost, I put $10.00 in a separate account. Now I know your thinking, well what happens if you gain and then relose? I base it on total pounds lost. So if I have already lost 3 pounds, then there is only $30.00 in the pot. Then say I gain 1 pound back and then lose 2. I only pay myself for 1 pound lost. It may seem like tedious tracking, but it’s working for me.

That’s the beauty of weight loss. Different things work for different people. If it was easy everyone would do it. DO what works for you! But Do It!

No one can do it for you! 

Here’s what else I’ve done. I’ve signed up with a nutrionist. Finally one that understands equestrians. If your in the Edmonton area and need one. Seriously contact Clint Cupido at Synchronized Nutrition and Training it will be so worth it! So thankful I did because now I have all my ducks in a row so to speak. Workout programs, riding lessons and riding, yoga classes when I can and finally nutrition. 

If your in Canada and reading this, here is the link to the Canadian Gov’t Weight Loss Grant!
Why not be reimbursed for your hard work?

Last but not least, here is the link to my Facebook Page that is all about weight loss. Feel free to join and follow along.

Thank you for reading and remember; You’ve Got This!