Week 2 Workout

Workout of the week #2
Best App for intervals: Seconds.
Complete all 7 exercises = 1 Round
Aim to do a total of 3 Rounds
Each exercise = 45 seconds
Rest between exercises = 15 seconds
Rest after each round = 60 seconds/1 minute
Total Workout Time = 22 min 15 sec

#1 Surfer Squat. Start out in plank, Surfer squat, plank, Surfer squat. You can do many variations on this, like on a bosu ball if you have one.

#2 Weighted Punches

#3 Mountain Climbers

#4 Squat and Press

#5 Sumo Squat to Lateral Raise

#6 Commandos. Plank, then drop forearms, one at a time, then push back up to plank.

#7 Superwoman