Weight Loss at Home

So right off the start, I hate my stationary bike lol. I barely lasted 5 minutes let alone 20 minutes. So I did 5 minutes and then went on the treadmill to do 20 Minutes and it was an Awesome 20 Minutes! My warm-up speed was a 3ph, it used to be 2. As the saying goes about weight loss, where you started will one day be your warm-up. I now understand that statement 100%! My warm used to be 2.0 – 2.5 speed. Now it’s a 3 and my jogging time was 3min, 4min and 5min at a speed of 4,4, and 4.5! Not to mention the fact I crushed my mile time. It used to be an 18 minute mile, today I crushed that time! I did a mile in 16.30!

Looking around my basement, I knew there had to be a way to create a small yet functional at home gym. Why spend $50/month for a gym membership when I can do it all right in my basement? Not to mention, January and February are brutally cold in Alberta, Canada so who really wants to go out in that. Plus, $50/month could be used on new clothes that I will be needing when the weight starts to come off.

So, my sister-in-law gave me her exercise ball, I pulled the bosu ball and resistance band out of storage, grabbed my yoga mat and dug out my free weights and set it up. You don’t need a full on gym to get a good workout at home. Follow along and I will show you how I’m doing it with just the equipment pictured and a treadmill.

Exercise Ball, Bosu Ball, Resistance Band, Free Weights, Yoga Mat.

So I know your looking at this and thinking, so what? How is this going to help you lose weight. Well that’s the whole reason for this blog, I’m going to show you! If you sign up for my email list, I will send out free workouts and also paid workouts that I receive from personal trainers. Click here to join my email list https://fluffyequestrian.com/sign-up-today/and you’ll receive my first workout for Free! Exactly what I did today. 

Why wait for the New Year or even tomorrow? Start today! Start your goal of moving more today!



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