Who I am

Hey Y’all, I’m Julie Corbett the Fluffy Equestrian from Alberta, Canada. I’ve been blogging and trying to lose weight for almost 3 years and it seems like nothing has worked. In December 2017, I said enough was enough and that 2018 was going to be “My Year”. 

2018 started off with a brilliant idea to start a cake and cupcake business. After 3 months of zero income, I decided to throw in the cupcake pan and go back to horses and fitness. 

April 2018, I started a new fulltime job and I absolutely love where I work. My horse Fancy was due to have her foal in May and I couldn’t wait! Mother’s Day May 13 at 4:30am Sunday was born. He’s a beautiful dark buckskin and is growing like a weed. Hard to believe he’ll be 6 months on Tuesday November 13. I can’t wait for Show Season 2019 with him.

During all this, my weight was slowly creeping up. Some days I thought I should do something about it and other days I could care less that I was fluffy. I have a good life, good job and things are going well. But then on September 27, I stepped on the scale and the number 227 flashed back at me. Heaviest I’ve ever been. Right then and there, I knew I had to change that number and fast.

So in October I started taking riding lessons with Ashley Rose and I’m feeling so confident in the saddle again. Best I have felt in a long time. In 2017, I had signed on with a personal trainer and I did nothing with it except keep the workouts. So I had workouts and riding all lined up, but I didn’t have a clue how to eat properly. Oh I can eat junk and crap and overload on carbs no problem, but I knew that would do nothing for my weight loss. So in October I signed on with Clint Cupido of Synchronized Training and Nutrition. Best thing I could have done for myself! I now have all the tools to shed my excess weight and finish 2018 with a bang!

2018 has been a Great Year. I can’t wait to kick off 2019!